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Got APP’s?! 

The coolest thing about social media and technology is the ability to create totally awesome marketing material on the fly! You don’t really need expensive cameras, adobe software, graphic designers (tho, I am one, so we are still valuable! Lol) But, yah, these days you can find totally killer apps that will blow your mind!

This post was made with LegendApp, Fontspiration and Clipstitch Kool, eh?!? .
I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a tech-junky, so my App collection is massive.. But I do keep my top favs easily accessible in one folder on my home screen. 


Here’s the lineup

WordSwag – the fastest, cleanest, coolest typography app, by far!

VidLab makes videos from video clips and pics, allows music, font and special effect layers.

LegendApp makes beautiful vid/gifs with words. Super easy, slick, edgy!

Rhonna Designs Super dynamic app that makes you look like a Typography pro – glossy magazine stuff – and offers gold and silver foil effects!

SquareSize – This app allows you to place your image within a perfect square, which can add nice, clean “air” to your social media.

Fontspiration – dancing letters? Yes please! Cool backgrounds too! .

Clipstitch make a story collage with pics, words, video, audio and music… So cool!

Riplapp This one is NEW and slick! Makes awesome commercial quality media in the fly! .

Canva aka Photocandyapp is full of sexy effects. Careful – it’s a rabbit hole for a creative type, like me.

MadeWithStudio Seriously serious design skills for this app. I love it, but it requires a little dedication and love to get efficient with it.. Those who master it, use it religiously. Makes beautiful images!

Picflowapp Easy, fast way to tell a story with a steam of images, set the timing, and allows music overlay. .

Facetuneapp is a mini Photoshop kind of app.. It’s popular among selfie pros, fashion and decor bloggers, as well as foodies because it has a “whitener” that really helps make images POP by getting rid of dull backgrounds!

Livecollageapp Makes beautiful collages in all kinds of shapes.. Great way to tell a story! 

Producer is my fav free MEME creator app. So easy, no frills.

Bizarre Holidays — Bizarre holidays are great for content. As long as it makes sense with your brand, you can have LOT’s of fun and trigger some cool engagement with your followers.

Crowdfire For Instagram management! 

You’re gonna have a LOT more fun with your branding and social media now that you’ve got these new toys. 

Now if there are any I MUST try, please let me know in the comments below!