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Social Media Management

Helping your business grow is our one and true passion .For this to successfully happen, there are step by step methods, all proven accurate with success stories that we use. Now, let us introduce you to the 4 particular ways that we make this happen really fast on social media.

We manage your posts

We create unique content that stands you out from the crowd

We bring conversation alive with daily interactive engagement

We create awareness to make you popular and subsequently increase your followers massively.

What we do is work with focus on the social media objectives of your brand with a massive impact on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter taking all the advantages that each platform offers. We do this in such a way that there is a strong connection with users. We also make it a point of duty to secure for you a new and enlarged customer base.

Unique business content

We do not create any room for common or usual posts that remind users of something they had seen or read somewhere else before. Your brand’s social media presence is built strongly by posting unique contents on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. The posts would be a thorough reflection of the uniqueness of your brand. They would show your business logo and distinct color schemes as well. We create content that raises your brand’s awareness, pushes people to take action and keeps them continually updated on the necessary on-goings development. The frequency of this, is how we sustain users interests and keep them asking for more.

We work together with your prospective customers

This is how we move from impersonal to personal. What we do essentially is keep the conversation going by actively engaging potential buyers in conversations. To achieve this, we post contents that push users to like our posts, retweet them, and comment on our posts while also sharing the ones that interest them the most.

We improve the numbers of your followers.

We usually take two major approaches to increase our clients followers and fans. We either use the organic approach, or the paid advertising approach. To increase followers using the organic method, we dedicate a tangible amount of time daily making use of hashtags to follow lots of users in their hundreds and liking other user’s posts. Our aim, using this approach is to increase followers by the hundreds every month both on Instagram and twitter. However, we use Facebook to increase your fan base via paid advertising. This is how we make that happen; we secure the assistance of Facebook advertising experts with the needed knowledge on using Facebook to get likes at an average rate of $0.30 to $0.50 for each like. Believe me, this is three times cheaper than the average.

Managing your Facebook account

Facebook to us is more than a fun -social medium to connect with people. It is also a platform to secure prospective and actual buyers. We make our content highly engaging so that users will have no choice than to keep coming for more. While this is going on, on the other hand, we also keep Facebook ads running so as to increase the likes of your page, website traffic and post reach. First you will agree with me that your brand needs to have a Facebook page that is polished, well -laid and professional. We then ensure that we post one to two comments daily and if there is a reply on a post, it is the duty of our account managers to respond quickly.

Managing your Twitter account

Twitter is another social medium site that opens your business to one on one conversation with your potential audience. Since it allows tweeting by the seconds, we post sharable contents as frequently as possible and communicate with about 8 to 10 users daily to build the needed relationship. We also increase your business followers by at least 400 people every month. This number is not static; it can also be increased with time.

Managing your Instagram account

Instagram is the ideal social medium that allows us to flaunt and showcase your brand through images. Our statistics shows that Instagram at the moment brings our clients together via contents when compared to any other platform, our daily posts on Instagram is at least 1, and some other days, we make it 2. As long as we have images with high resolution to work with, we are good to go! Our managers also engage high-traffic hash-tags in posts, in a bid to reach as much audience as they possibly can.

Managing your Pinterest, Linkedin accounts.

For our clients we also go as far as managing other platforms on social media such as linked in and Pinterest. Our work schedule also covers review websites such as Google+, yelp, and foursquare. We could go on and on, about how we increase website traffic and your brands exposure.

Of course we would be most delighted to tell you more. You can call us, or reach us to find out what broader, and yet, sublime services we offer. Our pricing is great and for the value we offer you through our services, you would want to continue doing business with us. We are interested also in learning all we can about your business to make our partnership smoother.

Laurie saw a brand in my Pomeranian’s Instagram page before I even knew what was possible. Literally, overnight, she had my website created and taught me about affiliates, sponsors and truly “Going for it” within record time my little Pom got contracts with HPComputer, AmericanOutfitters, CesarMilan and more. She knows exactly what to do and helps you see the light.

Our hearts go out to Barkley and his beautiful family. RIP dear Barkley 10.25.15


Lisi Wilkins

International Pom of Mystery, Barkley the Pom

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