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Advertising services we offer on social medias are the quickest approach to generating results. We take and expose your products or services to thousands of individuals who maybe interested in buying or using them. Advantages of utilizing our online social media services include:

Increased website traffic

Lead generation and

Influenced sales.

Advanced social advertising technology, strategies and tools that generates very low cost acquisition, clicks and conversions on your website are what our agency uses.


In helping Your Business grow by social media advertisement we carry out the following:

Analyze data, A/B testing, and optimize ads

Create engaging social media advertisements

Laser-target a specific, relevant audience.

We use data-rich social media websites to advertise your business. These platforms contain millions of users available from almost any industry.

And to get you customers we do the Following:

images, our advertising specialists will use best practices that are guaranteed to work. The social media advertising services we provide drive sales and awareness.

1. Laser-Targeting A Specific, Relevant Audience:

We can connect your business to interested individuals that are will to buy if you have great products.  By using advanced functions of social media sites and leveraging proprietary technology, our team can laser-target people who are likely to transact. This includes email and website retargeting, which is essentially advertising directly to the people who visit your website.

2. Creating Engaging Social Media Advertisements That Work

We design statistically proven visual social media advertisements that captures attention. From creating advertising copy to adding the most effective colors.

3. Analyzing Data, A/B Testing And Optimizing Ads

The budgets of our clients are taken seriously by our team. No chance taken nor guess working with our service advertisement. Based on the performance data of your campaigns we rely and make decisions. To modify images or test new copy to see what your audience responds best to, we will A/B test our advertisements. Our online advertising firm assures our clients that the wisest decisions are made using their budget.

Importance Of Using Social Media Advertising Platforms

Facebook Advertising

The major advantage of making use of Facebook advertising is to leverage its data and low costs. Unlike every other social platform, Facebook allows you pinpoint your exact buyer. You can identify by gender, age, income, job position, relationship status, and much more. Facebook knows information like where you work, where you went to school, and what type of home you own. We pull this data to link businesses to their main target market at a low cost. We have been able to reach over 10,000 relevant people for our clients with less than $100. Every single one of our clients have seen at least a 200% decrease in cost per impression, click, and conversion handing Facebook advertising off to us.

LinkedIn Advertising

Another powerful platform for Business to Business (B2B) advertising is LinkedIn for firms to target the key executives of companies in certain industries. Professionals in the fields of business log-on LinkedIn on a daily bases to conduct business. Thousands of relevant individuals today can be reached through advertisement. Through newsfeed ads and sponsored updates we use LinkedIn advertising to drive traffic to your LinkedIn page, blog, or website.

Twitter Advertising

Using Twitter advertising to pump up instant website traffic is out specialty. Because of the sharing-nature of the platform Twitter is great. If someone see something they find interesting on Twitter, they will share it with their friends Often times. We boost sites ads and promote tweets on Twitter to individuals who are likely to show interest in it. We can target people based on the keywords they search and pages they follow unlike Facebook. We would assume that if someone tweets about certain topics or follows certain pages, they would be likely to buy your product. We use in-depth insights to find key opportunities for your brand to rapidly grow through Twitter advertising.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest publicizing is the most exciting promoting stage out at the moment. It is still in its initial stages, which implies that expenses are lower than any time in recent memory. A Majority of its users are ladies and a decent partition of its clients are considered to have high income. Brands that will have the most accomplishment with Pinterest promoting will be ones that emphasis on their hobbies. This incorporates wellbeing, household items food, holidays, apparel, design patterns, hair, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that your business targets ladies in any way, Pinterest is the stage for you. Chat with our group and let us set up together an income creating Pinterest publicizing campaign.

Laurie's Facebook expertise was instrumental in our media campaign for client and friend Mary Risley, owner of Tante Marie's Cooking School: "Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven" went crazy over the Thanksgiving weekend... Jaded Palate shot the piece on a Tuesday, edited it on Wednesday and Thursday, and took it "live" on two YouTube channels, ours and the cooking instructor's, on Friday.

What began with 11 views hit over 100,000 by Thanksgiving, six days later. Ultimately the 8-minute piece which our crew collectively thought was "cute" "charming" and maybe "a little bit funny" had, 256.322 views. Laurie knew immediately what to do, implemented and we went viral, just as she knew we would.

Faith Wheeler

CEO & Founder, Jaded Palate Productions

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